Why did she write this book. Kim said: " I had to talk about something that so
many people are dealing with:
family limitation.  This is the name I use to
describe what families are going through when a break up takes place and one
parent wants to limit the other families involvement. This crisis is affecting
almost every family in one form or another."

Kim wrote this guide because she has witnessed these issues. The examples
discussed in the book are not guesses they are actual events. She also lived
through it herself and she understands the pain that people are living with.  
Parent limitation is becoming more evident and more rampant. "This problem is
growing and more people are becoming affected by it. Grandparents are caught in
the middle, aunts, uncles. Everyone is being pulled into this tug of war and we all
know that no one wins when a war takes place."

This book is
not about beating up on moms or dads. This book is about healing.  

"How to Love your Kids More Than You Hate That Man" is a book that everyone
could learn something from.

If you are a teenager or adult that had parents who fought a lot then this guide
will show you that none of it was your fault. You could not have prevented it.

Anyone can change, it is never too late.

You are a good person. You are worth, your own time (Kim-ism).

                                     Let's start now!

I pray you give your kids a chance at happiness. They deserve it.
I pray you give yourself some peace. You have earned it.
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